Cristina NualART
  • Cristina in Vietnam. Photography by Anna Vatheuer
  • I work/play in art, education and research. I draw, paint, photograph, fiddle with software and gladly suffer creativity.

    What makes me tick is understanding - or the lack of it. I wonder at the factors, from culture to communication to imagination, that make us believe that we understand something or someone. Is understanding achievable? Shareable? Explainable? I make art to expand my thinking beyond the dominance of the binary.

Danh Vo and Eiffel, art and bridges,

My article (in Spanish) on artist Danh Vo’s artworks We The People and 2.2.1861, from Madrid’s CA2M’s Art Collection, is now available online in the book published by the art centre to mark the result of the museum’s 2016-2017 research group, DIDDCC.

On Liberty: ingeniería civil colonial y monumentos despedazados’, en Sergio Rubira (ed.), Departamento De Investigación, Datos, Documentación, Cuestionamiento y Causalidad (DIDDCC), Madrid: Centro de Arte 2 de Mayo (CA2M), 2017, pp. 87-89.


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