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Drawing History: Kara Walker

A few days ago the Institute of International Visual Arts (InIva) in London, showed a selection of artists films on the theme of Cultural Diversity. I enjoyed an hour of varied short films Steam that made me smile (in amusement, in creative awe, or in revelation…) although I went specifically to see the 16min Kara Walker shadow puppet film.
8 possible beginnings‘ is as intriguing as its title. I had never seen Kara’s film work, although I have been a fan of her silhouette wall pieces for wholesale nba jerseys a long time. Her work is beautiful, skilled and potently charged with political messages where history and present get blurred.
As watchable as any other contemporary animation – though this one seems to lack any digital input (which is neither good nor bad), wholesale nba jerseys this little film is a gem. Amidst dark tales of horror and Jerseys abuse, of slavery, prejudice and paedophilia, Ms Walker concocts new legends to define the birth of a nation. She imbues them with such poetry and inventiveness that the gorish events, as with all Interviewing known ancient mythology, are understood as symbols that we There can take in without feeling the need to vomit. This is not journalism after all, this is wholesale nfl jerseys art, and it does its job splendidly.

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