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Art with rubble: the eviction zone mural

After researching why many of the houses on the east of the Saigon river were destroyed, it seemed appropriate to make an artwork with the rubble, as a way of keeping together some fragments of the community that was dispersing. The image is a Saigon landscape, with the Thu Thiem area fading in the distance.

It took 100 kilos of cement, and six months of weekends to stick large quantities (3 taxis full) of rubble onto a wall. The mural is in the LIN centre for community development. The mural is made from pieces of brick, cement, mirror, floor tiles and walls collected from various demolished residences in Thu Thiem, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.


The Thu Thiem New Urban Zone plan was approved in 1998. The first evictions started in 2002, and by 2010, when I first visited, some houses were still standing, but most of the area had been cleared. Many residents have moved far away, but when the mural was finished in May 2014, some people were still living amongst the rubble. The pieces in this mural were taken away from their original site, and have been mixed up and rearranged on this wall. We hope that all the families that relocated will likewise create strong bonds in their new communities.


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  2. Rebecca Jamieson says:

    I am an American woman who does mosaics for pleasure. I am visiting Saigon for two months (I’ve been here a month already) staying in a Lovely old colonial apartment in District 1. It makes me sad to hear a rumor that this block is scheduled for “re-development” in two years’ time. I recently read an article about your piece “Sai Gone” in WORD magazine. I am wondering if the LIN Center is open for visitors and if it would be possible for me to come by to see your work. I would love it if this is possible!

    Rebecca Jamieson

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