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Saigon’s artworld – sketches in ‘Masque & Spectacle’

The July 2015 issue of literary and arts journal Masque and Spectacle is devoted to Vietnam, and features a few of my sketches done during 4 years of meeting many interesting people at the heart of Saigon’s art and culture.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Tran Manh Tuan Tran Manh Tuan playing the sax

Sax n Art accountant Lost in thought: the accountant at Sax’n’Art

Tuyet Loan jazz singer Jazz singer Tuyet Loan at Sax’n’Art

cnualart_PhoCapSchool Children in drawing lesson at Pho Cap School, a free school for underprivileged students.

Artist Phan Quang and journalist Artist Phan Quang and journalist Tràn Công Khanh

Artist Dinh Q Le Artist Dinh Q Le at San Art

Tuan Andrew Nguyen TPG Tuan Andrew Nguyen, artist from The Propeller Group

Tuan Andrew Nguyen's eyes Tuan Andrew Nguyen giving a talk at Saigon Creative.

Phan Taho Nguyen and Truong Cong Tung Artists Thao-Nguyen Phan and Truong Cong Tung listening to a talk in San Art

Artist Nguyen Nghia Cuong Artist Nguyen Nghia Cuong at talk in the HCMC Fine Arts Museum

cnualart_Arlette Curator Arlette Quynh-Anh Tran at San Art

David Chung giving a talk at Sao La Film artist David Chung at Sao La art space.



All drawn with pen or pencil on paper by Cristina Nualart in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, between 2011 and 2014.

See more at: Masque and Spectacle: Sketches of Saigon’s artworld

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