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Arco-co-collage 2016

Collage is like the mind, it keeps all wanderlustered ramifications in one easy-access place, that in turn takes you on a journey. As a medium, it is one big playing field for both material and formal explorations, and for serendipitous image composition and surreal conceptualisation.

ARCO, the Madrid art fair, had an abundant amount of collaged works during its 35th edition. On paper, that doesn’t surprise me. ARCO has a high interest in art from Latin America, and that’s a region that in recent years has been producing a lot of careful work on paper, often with a retro flavour, which embeds plentiful references to times of old  i.e., political critique.). I’m thinking, for example, of the work of artists like Elena Damiani, Johanna Calle, Adriana Bustos or Luz Lizarazo. But collage, arguably, can be sculptural or photographic, as in some of the examples here which some might label ‘expanded painting’. Same idea. Take multiple pieces, preferably with some random component during the selection process, and put them all together. It can be done with home appliances, printed images, canvas-less frames, slabs of marble, feathers or photographic film negatives.


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