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Spacetime in Streetcake

Experimental poetry magazine Streetcake this month features my artwork and the bilingual poem Spacetime, just in time for the artificial changing of time/clocks this weekend from so-called Summertime to Winter time. Download issue 49 for a short reading fix:






¿Para qué sirve el tiempo?
Para desintegrar relojes,
desatomizar doce numeros
y desflechar las agujas.
Tiempo inútil.
Tiempo corteza
y yema de huevo.
Tiempo viejo y nuevo
destiñe el mundo.
Pierdo el rumbo
descarto lo que no sirve
no pierdo
el tiempo
descarto lo que no sirve.
No ato lo que se escapa.
ilusionista en paro.
Estafador tramposo
homenajeado en el día
de su muerte (noche)
por contentos contantes
sin días contados.



What’s the use of time?
To disintegrate clocks,
de-atomize twelve numbers
and unarrow the hands.
Useless time.
Crust of time
and gold yolk.
Time told and nude
desaturates the world.
I loose track
I discard the lack
I don’t waste
The time
I discard the purposeloss.
I don’t bind the ties.
illusionist on the dole.
Cheating trickster,
paid homage to on the day
of his death (night)
by content counters
free of counted days.


The first #curatedtweetpoem: Calliope Baristess, Cafe Warrior

I make art in series and I collect some of the things I find when walking. When I have enough of whatever it is I’m collecting, say, bones, photographs of padlocks, or pieces of driftwood, I feel that I have an art series. Then I have to make whatever interventions on the collected items (e.g. attaching pieces together with wire, painting them, printing over them, or whatever other creative methods suits me at the time) that I feel are necessary to fully appropriate them and bend the haphazard moment in which we found each other into a volitional, constructed and significant one.

For about 6 months now, I’ve been saving tweets, choosing my favourite short word arrangements and taking screenshots of them. Once I’d collected enough tweets, I was able to play around and curate them into a lyrical narrative. Here is the first Curated Tweet Poem, I call it Calliope Baristess, Cafe Warrior:

Calliope Baristess, Cafe Warrior.


Dear Tweeters featured here, if you should disapprove of your public tweets being part of this artwork, just let me know and you shall be un-retweeted as soon as is humanly *this-is-not-a-tweetbot* possible!

#curatedtweetpoem 2: Coldsore Love Curse

A curated poem made of Tweets. This is a metrosexual love story set in London. I re-tweeted each chosen ‘line’ in sequence from last to first, so the poem can be read on my Twitter timeline.

Coldsore Love Curse #curatedtweepoem


Dear Tweeters featured here, thank you for your inspiring tweets. As you know, it is common -even desirable- practice for tweets to be retweeted by interested parties. If, however, you should disapprove of your public tweets being part of this artwork, just let me know.

(First published on 30 September 2012)

#curatedtweetpoem 3: ‘The Unemployed Ice Cream Vandal and the Chauvinist Chill’

Creating order out of the seeming chaos of my Twitter timeline, the third #curatedtweetpoem makes meaning out of ice cream desire/consumption in the global economy of exploiters and exploited.

Unemployed Ice Cream Vandal and the Chauvinist Chill


Curated Tweet Poems are selected tweets, carefully chosen over months of Twitter activity, re-tweeted in order so they read from top to bottom with a narrative different from the purpose of the individual tweets. Again, I thank Tweeple re-tweeted here for their inspiring tweets.

(First published on 4 October 2012)

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