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Sphynxation is an artist book (2016)

Twenty self-published copies are fully illustrated with black and white drawings and photographs.
Each copy is individually finished with hand drawings, painting, gold leaf and collages.

Texts include poems/short stories by Kriti Bajaj, Linda Lee, Heather Momyer, Lise Nguyen Owen and Jodie Lee Trembath.

Women Read


These images published in Sphynxation are a selection from a series I call, simply, ‘Women Read’. They celebrate the education of women -something that can’t be taken for granted- and the enjoyment of literature, an ancient pastime.

Like many pages in the book, the images combine drawings and photographs. Existing paintings and sculptures of women holding books form the basis of interventions that play with the pleasures, uses and rewards of reading.











The first part of my artist book Sphynxation is done! Twenty self-published hard copies of the book feature photographs, illustrations and drawings, and the writings of collaborators Kriti Bajaj, Linda Lee, Heather Momyer, Lise Owen and Jodie Lee Trembath. Part two of the project is to add original drawings, collage and interventions to each one. That’s a lot of drawings!

The book explores female roles, myths, and invisible histories from around the world.


In addition to contributors, I would like to thank B.C., M. C., M. E. and J. W. for their input of ideas.

Don’t tell me what to do, hound dog!

In this snippet of a drawing for a feminist art book I’m working on (coming soon…), singers Big Mama Thornton and Lesley Gore join in a fictional duet to give patriarchy a piece of their mind.




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