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I’m an artist who uses digital and analogue processes
to explore the spatial, visual and linguistic dynamics
of cross cultural experiences.

If you want to try this at home, this is how I did it:

Part 1: I was born and raised between lands that had been ancient magical English forests and mermaid-haunted Mediterranean coasts, and allowed to make a mess (actually, soon after learning how to walk, I painted the house walls with found household paint. I was loudly forbidden from making more of that mess, and my career as an installation artist stopped in its tracks. But the memory is erased to protect me from trauma, and I took up drawing on paper.) I saw monsters in trees.

Part 2: I was brainwashed into learning that the world’s culture radiated from ancient Mediterranean civilizations. I read. I believed. I looked. I painted. I made. I became short-sighted in one eye.

Part 3: I worked in a handful of countries. I collected bones. I disbelieved. I worshipped found junk and, where possible, stashed it in a secret hiding place (to save from immediate disposal by hoarderphobes) until it could be appended to an artwork. I visited lots of museums, art galleries and landscapes. I talked with hundreds of people. I saw thousands of original artworks.

Part 4: I discuss images. I make more images. I plan future images. I backup stuff that I would not otherwise remember in the future. I accept my bifurcated vision. I forget I have archived. I have loads of secret treasures stashed away. I continue to belly laugh.

Sequels in the making: I may sever my retinal life. I will be thankful. Take a walk with Dante. Travel through spacetime. Philanthropically fragment my frugalormous fortune. Feed vultures. (To be confirmed).


Cristina Nualart

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