“Amazing” – Amex Platinum Benefits Car Rental?

Amex Platinum Benefits – Reviews | The Amex Platinum is filled with a range of benefits like sofa accessibility, hotel elite status, and travel credits along with a range of leasing car benefits.

Who Is Covered By The Amex Platinum Benefits Lease Auto Insurance?

  1. These people will be Provided with policy:
  2. You’re a Basic Card Member or Additional Card Member
  3. You were the person who signed The Lease Deal
  4. You maintain your own Permanent Residence inside the 50 United States , the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico or the U.S. Virgin Islands; along with
  5. You’ve activated coverage.

Amex Platinum Car Rental Elite Benefits?

With all the Amex Platinum, you will Obtain the following elite statuses:

  1. Avis Preferred status
  2. Hertz Amex Platinum Gold Plus Rewards
  3. National Emerald Club Executive status
  4. These will Provide You with perks for example Special discounts, upgrades, and expedited service for picking up your car or truck.
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The way to file a claim?

When it comes to submitting your American Express rental car insurance claim, you want to make certain you maintain all the documentation required to support your claim and that you document your claim within 1 month.

You or the Authorized Driver may Get in touch with the Company by telephoning tollfree state-side 1-800-338-1670 or, even if from over seas, by telephoning amass 1-216-617-2500.

You can also write them :

  1. Car Rental Loss and Damage Insurance Claims Unit
  2. PO Box 94729, Cleveland, Ohio 44101-4729

What’s The American Express Car Rental Insurance Policy?

The Amex Platinum Benefits comes With leasing car insurance policy, also called collision damage waiver (CDW), that will pay you around $75,000 for 30 successive days. The policy offered is secondary, which means that it covers exactly what your insurance policy carrier does not pay for.

Compare the Platinum’s coverage to The Chase Sapphire Reserve which provides primary lease car insurance for asserts As much as $75,000 for periods of 31 consecutive days. Even the Chase Sapphire Preferred, having its own low $95 annual fee, offers chief rental vehicle policy.

How To Activate Coverage?

Rental Vehicle is activated when:

  1. You decrease the full collision Damage waiver (CDW) or similar option, or pay for a partial collision damage waiver, also made available from the Lease Business.
  2. You or the Authorized Driver Is called on the Lease Agreement whilst the person renting and take control and possession of the Rental Vehicle.
  3. You use Your Account, American Express Membership Bonus Points and/or American Express Pay with Points to place or hold a deposit at that time the lease is checked out and also to pay for the entire rental from the rental business.

Amex Car Rental Exclusions

There are certain types of Vehicles not insured by the Platinum Card’s leasing car policy.

A Number of These exclusions are Pretty standard but pay special attention to the bolded below a lot of people don’t realize their rental coverage does not cover leases in regions Australia and Italy.

Vehicle Exclusions

  1. Cargo vans, custom trucks, trucks With a seating capacity more than 8 passengers, cube van or box truck, or some truck that has a gross vehicle weight rating of 10,000 lbs or more;
  2. Rental Vehicles that have been Customized or modified from the manufacturer’s factory specifications except for motorist’s aid gear for the physically challenged
  3. Any Rental Vehicles utilized by an Licensed Lock for industrial or hire purposes;
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Leased or even mini-leased vehicles

  1. “Antique cars” meaning cars Which can be 20 years of age or have not been manufactured for 10 or more years;
  2. Limousines;
  3. Off-road vehicles, bikes, Mopeds, recreational vehicles, golf or non carts, campers, trailers and every other vehicle which is perhaps not just a Lease Vehicle; along with
  4. Rental Vehicles leased in Australia, Italy, New Zealand as well as some other country in the OFAC sanctioned state listing.
  5. Losses That Are Not Covered
  6. Intentional Damage from an Licensed Lock of the Lease Vehicle
  7. Damage that occurred prior to the Rental Stage
  8. Manufacturing flaws in the Rental Vehicle
  9. Confiscation by authority
  10. Deterioration, including slow deterioration
  11. Damage That Is due and restricted To freezing, mechanical or electrical breakdown or failure unless such Damage results out of a Theft covered by the master plan
  12. Theft or Damage to Rental Vehicles which are unlocked or not Secured at Time of Theft or Damage
  13. Theft of or Damage to tires (flats or Blow Outs ), unless characterized by fire, malicious mischief, vandalism, or stolen, unless the reduction is coincident with and from the same cause as other reduction insured by the Plan
  14. Damage to any vehicle other than The Rental Vehicle