How To Submit A Citi Price Rewind Claim?

Citi Price Rewind – Review | This is also called “Citi Price Protection” and it’s offered by several other cards. The difference is that Citirewind comes with an automatic process that produces your life easier (though you still have to submit the purchase to Citi).

Citi Price Rewind is a Program which lets you actually be automatically refunded some of your purchase if that price of the item goes within 60 days after your purchase.

What Purchases Aren’t Covered?

These things Aren’t Qualified to receive CitiPriceRewind:

  1. Boats, cars, aircraft or some other Other aerodynamic land, air or water vehicles and their unique equipment. Tires aren’t eligible.
  2. Items Which can spoil or are Consumable and need to be replaced once they have been employed for a time period such as food, fuel, batteries, medications, beauty products or individual care products.
  3. Watches or jewelry for example Loose stone, precious stones, pearls and metals.
  4. Tickets of any type (e.g., for Airlines, sports, awards or lottery).
  5. Travel arrangements of any kind (e.g., hotels, vacations rentals, or car leases ).
  6. Collectable things; including but Not confined by, antiques, coins, art, sports memorabilia or even stamps.
  7. Items purchased for resale usage.
  8. Plants or animals, such as Stuffed or mounted animals or fish.
  9. Advice or services to get a Purchased item, such as product setup, labour, repair or maintenance.
  10. Firearms or compost.
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How Much Can You Get Reimbursed For?

Citi recently altered the Compensation limits to the Citibank Rewind now the most reimbursement is to get the lower of $200 or the total amount charged to the Citi card, up to maximum of $1,000 per season.

This implies that if you purchase Something for $500 plus it drops to $250 in price, you’d simply be reimbursed for $200 rather than the full $250 drop in price.

The prior limitation enabled for Reimbursements for the lower of $500 or the total charged towards the Citi card, Around a max of $2,500 per calendar year.

How To Submit A Citi Price Rewind Claim?

  1. Save your receipt
  2. The process begins when you make Your own purchase.
  3. You Need to Be Certain to conserve your Receipt because you’re going to have to incorporate it through the portal.
  4. Sign in
  5. You can click here to log-in and Locate the Citibank Price Rewind form.
  6. For Those Who Have multiple Citi credit Cards, you’re going to be asked to choose which card you’re using to your power.
  7. Upload your reception and enter Purchase particulars
  8. If you Weren’t able to find That the product you purchased, do not worry, you can still take advantage of this particular benefit.

Besides uploading the Receipt, you’ll need to input signal:

  1. The item name
  2. Purchase price
  3. Date purchased
  4. Quantity
  5. Store purchased from
  6. Preference for reimbursement (assess or announcement credit)
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Citi Price Rewind Phone-number

When You Have questions or you Would rather process your benefit policy on the internet you may call the help telephone number at: 1-866-918-4670.

How Does Citi Price Rewind Work?

Citi Price Rewind is very simple. Once you obtain a qualified product that you save the reception and go on the internet and search for the goods. Once you’ve found your own product, you submit your petition for Citi to track the item.

If Citi finds a price drop for That product over 60 days they will refund you for that gap of this lower price.