Incredible Facilities From The Chase Luxury Hotel?

Chase Luxury Hotel – Review | Chase Sapphire Reserve Travel Benefits credit is filled with different types of travel benefits, for example things such as trip insurance and couch access. But the Sapphire Reserve additionally provides some excellent hotel benefits which can be found in various forms.

Which Are The Chase Sapphire Reserve Hotel Benefits?

  1. 3X bonus points on resort stays
  2. $300 traveling credit

Hotel partners

  1. The Luxury Hotel & Resort Collection
  2. Elite Hotel Benefits in Relais & Châteaux

Chase Travel Portal

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  • 3X bonus points

The first hotel benefit is that That the Sapphire Reserve will get paid 3X on hotel purchases, since it generates 3X on all travel and purchases.

Chase Luxury Hotel states that The following purchases are entitled to be considered traveling:

Merchants in the travel class Include airlines, hotels, motels, timeshares, car rental agencies, cruise Lines, travel agencies, discount travel sites, campgrounds and operators of all Airline trains, buses, taxis, limousines, ferriesand toll highways and bridges, And parking lots and garages.

Does The Sapphire Reserve Allow You to Get Elite Reputation?

Some of the areas at which the Sapphire Reserve could be lacking is as it comes to offering hotel elite status. The Amex Platinum Card includes a leg up on the Reserve because it provides Hilton Honors Gold standing and Gold standing with Marriott/SPG.

While many other premium cards Don’t offer hotel status, it would have been amazing if the Reserve offered something similar to Hyatt Explorist status or at least a bottom-tier status such as Discoverist.

Sapphire Reserve Hotel Partners

The Sapphire Reserve earns points That can be transferred to the next hotel programs:


Hyatt is by the far best hotel Partner if you ask me. That is because it’s often possible to get the maximum bang for the buck once you stay at Hyatt properties. It’s usually feasible to receive 1.5 cents per point or higher when staying at Hyatt possessions, that is not some thing that can be easily achieved with IHG or Marriott.

This can be huge because it signifies That you don’t have to waste your points when transferring for hotel remains. It always feels great to visit for free whenever your hotel expenses are covered by points however hotel partners are often not good choices for moving points due to the worth of their currencies. Which means in order to pay your hotel remains with points, you frequently have to forfeit value although maybe not with Hyatt!

Hyatt has a footprint so That is 1 draw back to the program. It may be tricky to find Hyatt possessions in a few cities/regions where as other programs like Hilton and Marriott are considerably more wide spread.

Bonus making:

  1. 4X spent along with your card in Hyatt Hotels, for example restaurants and spas
  2. 2X on local transit and Commuting, such as clocks, mass transit, tolls and ride-share services
  3. 2X in restaurants, cafes and Coffee stores
  4. 2X on airline tickets purchased Directly from the air line
  5. 2X Used fitness club and fitness center memberships

Free nights:

  1. Receive one free night in any Category 1 4 Hyatt hotel or hotel annually after your cardmember anniversary
  2. Get an extra free night in any Category 1 4 Hyatt hotel or resort if you invest $15,000 during your cardmember anniversary year
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Elite status:

  1. Receive 5 qualifying nighttime Creditstoward your future grade status every yea
  2. Earn 2 extra qualifying Night pops toward your upcoming tier status everytime you spend $5,000 on your own card
  3. $95 Annual Fee ($20 higher now)

Chase Luxury Hotel Collection

The Luxury Hotel & Resort Collection will allow you enjoy special advantages at a variety of top hotels and resorts worldwide, for example:

  1. Complimentary room updates
  2. Complimentary meals for you and a Guest
  3. Early late and check-in Check out
  4. Special credits and discounts
  5. Extra conveniences, presents and more