La Concha Marriott San Juan Reviews

La Concha Marriott the most famous resorts in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Built back in the 1950 in a time when San Juan underwent rapid industrialization, it’s now a modern hotel that provides most the conveniences you’d expect to find at this place. From the various pool areas, the fine dining, and it’s location situated entirely on Condado Beach, this hotel has little piece of every thing. The next is la concha san juan reviews.

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Facilities La Concha Marriott

The hotel is very spacious and uses exceptional cross Ventilation, allowing breeze to flow during the reception and bar locations, creating a cool and fresh atmosphere when you arrive so when you spend time . The bar can be found in the middle of the open reception area and has lots of seating. It appears to occur during nighttime time and hotels sometimes hold events at the bar, so don’t be surprised if there is enough traffic there in times.

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The pub can be a place Where You Are Able to choose a continental Break fast. Outside the pub area, there are many areas to relax in the cool lobby. Around the pool area, there are lots of lounge areas with plenty of colors and cushions to curl up. One of those pools opens into the beach area and is surrounded by palm trees (graphic below). That really is very large and it has everything you will need to exercise. Moreover, you receive amazing views of the shore and lush palm trees whenever you’re there.


This Laconcha marriott resort is situated At the western end of Condado Beach, one of the very best beaches at San Juan, Puerto Rico. This is actually a beautiful beach with a lot of umbrellas and lounge chairs to curl up in although we are there, the waves are very manageable and do not feel overly strong. Some beach traffic will induce east to a different beach to relax, for example Isla Verde where flows are thought to be poorer.

Even the La concha marriott hotel is also directly on Ashford Ave, At which you can find a lot of places to eat and enjoy shopping. This place can be a highly popular road for runners and also in the morning, you may see hundreds of fitness visitors pacing the streets.


Additionally, there are a number of restaurants within this Laconcha marriott resort and you definitely Don’t have enough time to examine every thing. You’re able to take to fine dining at Perla Restaurant with a fancy seafood restaurant that serves American cuisine. To get in, that you don’t need to dress up like attending your weddingbut you may want to at least go with blue jeans and collared shirts if you are a person therefore that you fit. Once you go into the restaurant, you will feel the neat furniture and ambience. The glass walls that open on the beach and the Murano glass lamps are blown by hands softly illuminating the inner of the giant clam creating an attractive landscape that places for a exceptional dining experience.

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Perla has more than 4,000 bottles with more than 1000 Labels in their own wine cellar and they offer glass supplies using 30 wines to pick from. Thus, if you’re a wino, you won’t be disappointed with this particular choice. You can view the menu here in order to see prices. Proceeded with the swordfish beef and enjoyed it all about and Brad went using all the filet mignon and felt the exact same. We do not have space left for dessert, but some options seem very tempting.

Conclusion La Concha San Juan Reviews

This resort was just another favorable encounter from the Caribbean For us. Believe this landmark resort Is Very Good for both couples and families along with May function as a great base for exploring the neighboring locations, for example Old la