Locations Of The Universal Studios Cabana Bay You Can Find?

Universal Studios Cabana Bay – Review | This hotel is wonderful for families searching for an even more budget friendly alternative when touring in Orlando. So here’s a review of this Cabana Bay Beach Resort Reviews at Universal Studios Orlando Review.

The Cabana Bay Beach Resort is a retro, 50’s and 60’s themed hotel located directly next to Universal Studios. It’s a brand new hotel, with fantastic facilities such as huge pool spaces, a lazy river, a bowling alley, arcade, fitness center, and its own Starbucks.

The Best Way To Service For Cabana Bay Beach Resort?


That really is my sole criticism with the resort: that the Housekeeping. They entered our room before knocking double. And that I don’t mean that they tapped on the door gently or simply knocked and entered no, there was no knocking, at all. This was a problem because one time I had been fresh out of the shower, and it did not go over so well. So my advice to merely keep a look out for housekeeping.


We booked a”standard room” for about $149/night. Additionally they offer Poolside suites and rooms for a little more, but we didn’t need a kitchenette or room for six people, as it had been only us . Considering the price tag, the rooms are pretty decent.

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Hotel Team

Every staff member was pleasant to deal with out of The second of check plus so they checked us into the room at 9 am, which has been a lifesaver! Yet another couple have checked in at exactly the same time, so I believe that you need to think about asking to an early checkup when that’s something you believe you are going to want.

Room service

Room service was fast Both times we used it to purchase a pizza. Their pizzas from Delizioso are actually extremely excellent, too. Nice and pleasant. We ordered one for about $13 plus it was perfect to fill up us and leave us just a little left over. They also have breadsticks and deserts to order, too, but simply stuck with the pizza. It’s possible to look at the menu .

In Which a Location Universal Studios Cabana Bay?

Cabana Bay Beach Resort Map is situated right Next door to both Universal Studio Parks in Orlando. It has shuttles than run to the playground and also induce one to the entrance within about 5 to 10 minutes. The image below shows just how close Cabana Bay Map could be your top left hotel in the corner and Islands of Adventure is only to the right.

Busses start running 7am and depart about every 1-5 Minutes (look for the teal busses). Just in case you were not conscious, should you remain At this hotel (or any Universal Resort), you are given early usage of Universal Studios, which means that you may go into the park an hour . If you are Planning on going to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, this is essential within my opinion.

Facilities In Cabana Bay Beach Resort?

There are a Lot of facilities at this hotel Although I Wasn’t able to try them all. Every thing sounded really wellkept clean, clean, and inviting.

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The fitness center

The gymnasium is very nice and pretty big as well. I noticed State of the art treadmills and tons of free weights and curling bars. If you are a gym junkie, you shouldn’t have any problems getting on your workouts here or at least staying fit throughout your stay. The most useful part is the fitness center remains open from 5 am to midnight.

Arcade and bowling alley

There is a arcade and a bowling alley at Cabana Bay Beach Resort, so if you are the sort of traveler who finds themselves lounging round the hotel, looking for what to complete, then that hotel definitely has a few things to keep you busy.

Dining Locations

The dining areas were very clean and kept up nicely. Still, The dining area is so huge and you can even venture outside to eat if you wish. The dining area is open from 7 am to 11 pm.

The one evening we ate lunch , the bacon cheeseburger Really hit the area, together with some crisp crinkly hamburgers. The price of the meals came out on average to about $30 for just two people, so $15 per person, that I actually don’t believe is that bad considering how expensive every thing at Universal Studios Cabana Bay/Disney is.

The hotel lobby

The hotel lobby is huge! Watch out for personality Appearances, as we watched Betty Boop there on one of those occasions we are there. Right beside the lobby is just a gift shop where you could purchase everything from toiletries (no free toothbrushes here) into Harry Potter t-shirts and swimming trunks.