“Strategy” Get Priority Pass JFK?

Priority Pass JFK – Review | JFK Hosts several Priority Pass airport lounges and even a restaurant.

What Priority Pass Lounge JFK?

You can find just four Priority Pass lounges at JFK and a single Restaurant:

Air France Lounge – Terminal 1

KAL Business Class Lounge – Jfk Terminal 1 Lounges

Wingtips Lounge – Jfk Terminal 4 Lounges

Alaska Lounge – Terminal 7

Bobby Van’s Steakhouse – Jfk Terminal 8 Lounges

How To Get Priority Pass JFK?

These cards would be cards like the Chase Sapphire Reserve and the Platinum Card from American Express. Those cards do include higher prices therefore that you might want to think about charge cards with lower yearly charges offering Priority Pass such as the Hilton Ascend card, that provides you 10 free lounge visits annually.

JFK Terminals

JFK contains six operative terminals, which can be numbered 1 Through 8. In case you were wondering, Terminals 6 and 3 were demolished in 2011 and 2013 after jfk terminal 5 lounge had been enlarged.

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KAL Business Class Lounge – Terminal 1


Air Side – following Security Check Point, the couch is situated On the perfect hand side, across Gate 3. All passengers must hold a boarding pass exiting from Terminal 1.


14:00 – 20:30 daily. Cardholders will not be admitted into The sofa out these hours.


  1. Limited to two guests per cardholder
  2. Access may be restricted because of distance limits
  3. Kids under two years are admitted free – All youngsters need to Be accompanied by an adult.

The KAL Business Class Lounge at Terminal 1 is mainly Inspired by the Lufthansa Lounge and the Air France Lounge, which are nicer. The KAL Lounge is mostly one large lounge room filled with sofas and seats, but limited with outlets.

Air France Lounge – Terminal 1


Air Side – near the Air France Boarding Area by Gate 1.


06:00 – 13:30 & 23:00 – 01:30 daily.

Cardholders will not be admitted in to the couch outside these hours.


  1. Maximum 3 hour stay
  2. Access may be limited because of space limits
  3. Cardholder has to be 21 Decades of age or old
  4. Kids under two years are admitted free – All children needs to Be accompanied by an adult.

The Air France Lounge JFK is a huge, two-floor sofa With contemporary decor and silent seating, even though it will get a little busy before large flights boat outside. When there are large windows at the lounge, you will find not any views in this lounge truly perfect for plane-spotting but it’s still a beautiful sofa to unwind in.

Wingtips Lounge Jfk – Terminal 4


Air-side – afterwards moving through TSA/Security Check Point, Turn right and move around 100 meters where the couch is located on the leftside.


Twenty four hours daily.

Access may be limited 17:00 – 01:00 daily Because of space Constraints.


  1. Maximum 4 hour remain
  2. Limited to six guests each Cardholder
  3. Children under 3 years are admitted fre
  4. Dresscode related (shirts and shoes required for entrance No baseball caps enabled).
  5. This lounge is just accessible for passengers departing from Terminal 4. Passengers departing from other terminals may not be able to put in this lounge.

This really is among these lounges which may be rigorous about Admitting JFK Priority Pass associates in the event you should be trying to go to 5 pm to 1 am, don’t be shocked if you’re prohibited access along with your Priority Pass Jfk membership. Of course if you do get admitted in to the lounge, be cautioned that audiences (and noise) may grow to be a problem as of this lounge.

Alaska Lounge – Terminal 7


Airside – after Security Checks, proceed to the Mezzanine Degree above Security.


05:00 – 22:00 Sunday – Friday. 05:00 – 17:00 Saturday. Closed: Dec 25.


  1. Lounge access is permitted 3 hours prior to your scheduled Flight passing
  2. Limited by two guests each cardholder or instant family (spouse and children under 21 years of age)
  3. Lounge access could be restricted due to Lounge capacity Limitations and also the Lounge reserves the right to book chairs as essential
  4. Kids under two years are admitted free
  5. Carbonated beverages are limited to three each adult.

In Terms of food you can anticipate standard breakfast foods such as Bagels and muffins for breakfast along with the renowned pancake machine. At the day, salads, soups, as well as other light refreshments will soon be around (though it’s possible to pay $8 for spicy foodstuffs ). There’s also a great coffee bar in the sofa, also.

Bobby Van’s Steakhouse – Terminal 8


Airside – following Security, turn directly and Bobby Van’s Steakhouse is located contrary Gate 14. Please remember that the restaurant could transcend their seats limit at particular times of the afternoon & access into this restaurant is at their sole discretion.


06:00 – 22:00 daily. Bobby Van’s Grill brings exactly the same Top quality steakhouse and grill fare of additional Bobby Van’s establishments featuring Dry Aged Steaks, a well-stocked bar, and elegant decor which will help guests forget that they are at the airport. Cardholders can register a max of one Guest.

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  1. Cardholders can use their lounge visit entitlement to Receive $28 2500 from the bill.
  2. Each 28 deduction represents just one sofa visit
  3. If a Cardholder enrolls Inch Guest they will receive $56 USD Off their invoice which will soon be charged as inch Cardholder trip + 1 Guest trip in their accounts.
  4. Only One membership card each trip per Cardholder will probably be Accepted at point of entrance.
  5. The US$28 is valid For sale of almost any meal or drinks.
  6. To be eligible, Cardholders should introduce a Valid Card and also Boarding Pass with supported same-day traveling before placing an order.
  7. Cardholder accounts for equilibrium if total closing bill Exceeds US$28 per person. Any remaining balance cannot be used towards gratuity.

If you are in the mood to get a steakhouse then consider trying Outside Bobby Van’s, which will offer a few solid airport dining. Here is the menu. You wont have the ability to get yourself a beef insured for $28 but you can offset the price of a down to $8. In addition, you can find plenty of other menu items that fall under $28 like hamburgers and sandwiches.