The Best Way Chase Travel Partners For Ultimate Rewards?

Chase Travel Partners – Reviews | These things can be moved no matter whether you get them with the Chase Sapphire Preferred or the Chase Sapphire Reserve Airline Partners. Just don’t forget that Ultimate Rewards got from the Freedom and Freedom Unlimited cannot be transferred to all these air companies unless you’ve got a Sapphire card. Here is a look at different Ultimate Rewards / Chase Sapphire airline partners and also just how to maximize things with each of these. Your Ultimate Rewards made from your Chase Sapphire cards could be moved to eight different air line partners.

Flying Blue Offers Some Pretty Wonderful Sweet?

These include:

Getting to Europe

  1. Roundtrip in company class to Europe to get 125,000 miles and only $164 altogether fees and $118 in market.
  2. Delta costs $164 Altogether fees
  3. Delta costs about $120 in complete Prices for economy bookings

Getting to TelAviv

  1. Roundtrip from the United States into Tel Aviv For just 50,000 miles roundtrip and $240 in prices is just another slip.
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Getting to Mexico and some Caribbean destinations

  1. Roundtrip to Mexico and Netherlands Antilles (Aruba, Bonaire, etc.) and the U.S. Virgin Islands are also some great redemptions. I don’t know of any additional app that bumps each of these countries and territories together but this is another pleasant spot because it will only set you back 25,000 miles for a roundtrip.

Becoming to Hawaii

Addressing Hawaii via Flying Blue Is very cheap too. Here is how cheap a round trip can get with Flying Blue.


Despite the Fact That points transferred From your Sapphire cards don’t count towards the Companion Pass, Southwest is still a terrific move partner. You merely have to take care when transferring points to Southwest because sometimes your value will be better kept while employing the chase travel partners Portal in case you have the Sapphire Reserve.

That’s as the Sapphire Reserve gets 1.5 pennies per point when redeeming. While the flight examples below reveal that the value in cents per point to Southwest flights is generally between 1.4 and 1.6 cents each point.

HOU to MDW (Chicago)

  1. $332.95 round Trip
  2. 21,584 Rapid Gains + $11.20 in fees
  3. $332.95 – $11.20 = 321.75
  4. $321.75 /21,584 = 1.4 pennies per point

HOU into CUN (Cancun)

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  1. $459.70 Round-trip
  2. 24,998 Rapid Rewards +$74.10 in charges
  3. $459.70 – $74.10 = $385.60
  4. $385.60 / 24,998 = 1.5 cents per point

HOU to OAK (Oakland)

  1. $404 round trip
  2. 24,468 Rapid Rewards + $11.20 at fees
  3. $404 – $11.20 = 392.80
  4. $392.80 / 24,468 = 1.6 cents per point.

HOU into MBJ (Jamaica)

  1. $404.76 round Trip
  2. 17,500 Rapid Rewards + $114.66 at fees
  3. $404.76 – $114.66 = $290.10
  4. $290.10 / 17,500 = 1.6 pennies per point.

Which Are The Set of Chase Travel Partners?

Here’s the full list of Chase Airline Partners (observe you may also transfer your Ultimate Rewards earned with the Ink Preferred or even Ink Plus to those partners). Because you can tell, they all transfer at a 1:1 ratio and just about most them move instantly.

So now that you understand everything the Sapphire airline spouses (or even Chase Ultimate Rewards Airline Partners) are let’s look at what each partner has to offer with regard to redemptions.