What Are The Facilities The InterContinental Tokyo Bay?

Intercontinental Tokyo Bay – Reviews | This Inspection is somewhat short because during our three day stay in Tokyo we spent hardly any time in the hotel and so were running around Tokyo just about the whole time doing such things as a sushi making class and a food tour throughout the streets of Tokyo. But, I’d manage to find some photos of our room and a little bit of those facilities therefore that I presumed that I’d talk about.

The Location Intercontinental Tokyo Bay?

The Fantastic thing is that Tokyo’s excellent Public transportation system is conveniently located by the hotel. You have three unique modes of transport nearby: Takeshiba Station (monorail), Hamamatsucho Station (train), and also Daimon Station (subway). We used each of three of them throughout our stay and found them extremely user friendly.

The Intercon Tokyo Bay Has a Beautiful reception complete with stripes, flooring, and decoration. It feels very luxurious as you make your approach to the vanity desk.

It isn’t too much away from the heart of the city, however I wish we would’ve gone with home that’d more restaurants and matters happening just outside the door. Each and every time we walked to and from the railway stations, this type of felt like that there just wasn’t alot happening in the local vicinity.

My single complaint is that there Really aren’t many places to take a seat at the lobby, although there exists plenty of open space. There Are Numerous restaurants located in the hotel with this particular level, Although we didn’t have time to test them out.

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How Do I Book A Room Together With The IHG Points?

We employed 100,000 IHG points into Publication this chamber and thanks to Brad’s IHG Platinum status which he gets with his IHG Tokyo Rewards creditcard, we were upgraded to a deluxe corner perspective king room to the 17th floor. When we had booked the deluxe corner room with no IHG perks and contained breakfast (which we got complimentary) we would have paid near $1000 or longer, therefore I liked the value that our points + status got us.

  • Intercontinental Tokyo Bay Corner Room On The 17th Floor:

This is actually the view during the afternoon time. You can clearly observe that the Tokyo Sky Tree, which is the 2nd largest free standing structure in the world and a gorgeous piece of design. The river has been also busy with boats throughout the afternoon, including what looked like some sort of party cruise boat that docked nearby.

  • InterContinental Tokyo Bay Breakfast:

Breakfast is served in a well decorated restaurant. They had lots of options for traditional Asian cuisine along with some American style alternatives, too. We were there at launch and around 30 minutes after it certainly got busy in there, although it was a weekend and I am confident that there were some large events happening at the hotel throughout that weekend.

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  • Intercontinental Tokyo Bay Corner Room Bathroom:

The toilet is very spacious, Detailed with 2 bath, a tub, and a bath tub. On account of the layout of this corner room, ” I really don’t think one additional bathrooms on the exact floors are so big.

The curtain opens to some Fantastic view of the bay and Rainbow Bridge. One complaint about the bathroom: it had been really muggy inside there. We happened to visit Tokyo at September during a heatwave and I actually don’t think there was a suitable AC system because toilet was like a sauna, and I kind of dreaded moving in it.

  • View In Your Intercontinental Tokyo Bay Watch Reviews:

Only outside the room there was a balcony. But, there’s no use of it plus it is just there for crises, which is a shame because there is a fantastic view of this river. We were still on US time therefore that we readily woke up with time to see the sunrise.