What The Specialty Of Hilton Auckland Bow Suite?

Hilton Auckland – Review | They have beautiful wraparound balconies with terrific views and gorgeous marble baths. I’ll have a full overview of the complete Hilton Auckland property so on but first here’s my overview on the Hilton Auckland Bow Suite. The Bow Suites at the Hilton Auckland are terrific suites which feel radically different from the standard rooms offered at the hotel.

How Can Booking Hilton Auckland?

We booked a standard room for 60,000 Hilton Honors points per night. These rooms were going for approximately $360 USD per night, and that is really a decent usage of Hilton points. Only at check we asked if our Hilton Diamond status might easily get us an upgrade but were told that there was nothing available.

We were checked into a standard room, that wasn’t bad. The space was a little basic but I enjoyed the decor found at the room, especially by the bed.

However, it didn’t have much of a view and the bathroom’s Grout seemed like an older locker room. We asked further with front desk around openings for upgrades.

Luckily an introduction did come up after our first day and also we Were allowed to be moved out of a standard room to a Bow Suite for our last two nights. I’m very happy we left the additional effort for the upgrade because it radically altered the texture of our stay.

Which Exactly Are The Specialities Of The Outdoor Balcony?

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What makes this chamber so special is that the wraparound balcony. It reminds me of this Cosmopolitan in Vegas using the extended balcony.

On the other side of this balcony, you’re completely exposed To the other nearby chambers and their balconies, so that I chose to keep on the opposite side. There’s still some decent views of the Auckland Skyline using this negative though.

On a couple of occasions, we conducted down to the pub to utilize our Free beverage coupons and subsequently came back up into the balcony to relax on the balcony and see all of the ships make their way throughout the sanctuary. By the bow of the balcony, you’ve got 270-degree views of the Hauraki Gulf, the Harbor and the Auckland Bridge.

Floor to ceiling windows can transform a room, Specially when there’s a wrap around balcony Hilton Auckland. I really liked The method by which the suite opened up once we pulled up the drapes, enabling Natural light to brighten up the package.

The Bow Suite Reviews?

The Bow Suites were really previously a part of bigger Presidential suites however, the hotel divided the suites up in to smaller components. The Bow Suites sit at the close of the property over looking the water and come into a point the same as a bow of a ship that you may see from the photo below.

I was quite impressed with the package when I walked . It’s a exceptional layout with a trendy nautical themed balcony. Its spacious design and floor to ceiling windows, includes a small loft feel that I really enjoyed. This was a big upgrade from our prior room. Whenever you enter the suite, there’s a large wardrobe and Luggage bench with loads of space for your bags.

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There’s a small glass desk with two chairs, a lamp, and also the Room service menus. It’s really a tiny workstation but it’s still functional. The cool factor is you have an ocean view in the work station. They gave us a box of welcome chocolates although we had Already been checked into the hotel for a couple days that I thought was a very great gesture.

The one annoying this with this chamber is the bathroom door to the toilet. It closes at a weird angle in relation to the walls that led to us accidentally slamming the door closed a hand full of times. The toilet has a large window that overlooks onto the Water but looks entirely on to the balcony of this nearby area. There is definitely some potential for some severe embarrassing eye contact with all the colors pulled upward.

The package is a junior package since it’s just one Room but as it’s so large and also had the wrap-around balcony, it felt much larger and more luxurious than a typical junior suite. The suite’s bath is relatively spacious provided the Triangular design. I loved the look of the bathroom having its own beautiful marble walls along with two sink locations.